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There is nothing quite as exciting as choosing where your next trip will be. However, with all the diverse locations available with the click of a button (and a few hundred dollars taken out of your bank account), it can be hard to narrow down where you should vacation next.

Though it can seem nearly impossible at times to narrow down your options, the following tip should help you make your decision more quickly in the future.

Use Pinterest

Pinterest has been a source of travel inspiration from the app’s creation. Fellow travelers have been flocking to the app to refuel their wanderlust for over a decade now. Not only can you look up destinations on the app, but Pinterest will also personalize a home feed of fresh pins for you to gain inspiration from. The more you see a destination pop up on your home feed, the more likely you are to grow intrigued by it. Additionally, you’ll find many links to travel blogs that will list activities and sites to see in those locations. By discovering the types of activities available in different destinations, you’ll be able to determine if it’s a place worth visiting depending on your travel style.

Decide What Type of Weather You Fancy

Depending on the time of year you’re traveling, climates and weather patterns may differ from place to place. You can go anywhere from the Swiss Alps to the Sonoran Desert to the tropical beaches in Jamaica. Some individuals despise the humidity, while others flock to these areas to escape the cold. Deciding on the type of weather you’d like to experience during your vacation can help narrow down your choices immensely. Think ahead to determine what sort of weather you’ll be wanting to escape to during the month you are choosing to travel.

Pay Attention to Deals

Sometimes, instead of looking for a place to vacation, the trip will instead make itself known to you. This is often done by brands sending their customers special deals or advertising them on social media. You might not have been looking to take a trip to Paris, for example, but the $400 round-trip airfare being advertised by an airline might be enough to convince you to go there. If you’re not already locked into a particular destination, and you’re open-minded to traveling anywhere, taking advantage of these deals can help you choose a destination and save money in the process. Also, pay attention to rewards or discounts you might have earned with previous miles and points. There might be certain deals associated with these rewards as well.