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The last two years have changed the world, with countries closing their borders completely and abruptly going digital. Everyone was stuck inside and unable to see friends or family; we had no idea what the future would look like. 

Gone are the days of easy traveling by plane, train, or car. Many of the world’s population are travelers at heart, and the unknown of what the future of travel will look like is worrisome. 

Tourism makes up 10% of the global GDP, one of the world’s biggest industries. During the pandemic, the number of people traveling decreased significantly. With the economy slowly recovering, the question of how it will change in the future is still unanswered.

The Environment and Sustainability 

Despite the positive effects of travel, it can also have detrimental effects on the environment. Some of these include pollution from transportation and the destruction of natural wonders caused by over-tourism. The pandemic has played a role in helping push the issue of sustainable travel.

Due to the pandemic, the tourism industry has to adapt to address the environment. To reduce its impact on the environment, airlines are starting to adopt more sustainable methods of transportation. Some of the major hotels and resorts have also started to focus on preserving the environment.

Domestic Traveling and International Traveling 

What will the future look like for travel after the pandemic? Although the number of people traveling will decrease, flying won’t go down significantly. Instead, people will continue to travel to places that are too far away to reach by public transportation.

Although international travel will decrease, domestic travel will still increase significantly. During the first few days after the outbreak, many people traveled to their home countries instead since not being able to travel internationally. 

People will travel at home for a while until things let up, as some people are still nervous about being in overpopulated areas. Being in smaller areas with not as many people will be the go-to compared to major tourist areas with lots of people. There is also a chance for international and long-distance traveling to become expensive. 

It’s possible to get cheap flights within Europe if you live in Europe. With the tourism industry taking a huge hit due to the pandemic, ticket prices for trains and planes will also increase. People who want to travel will also pay more. Since the pandemic has severely affected the tourism industry, it will make travel less accessible.

Moving Forward 

The most important thing that people can do to make their travel more sustainable is to move toward a more eco-friendly type of tourism. Doing so will allow them to enjoy their trips and reduce their carbon footprint. Aside from flying, people should also consider using other sustainable transportation methods and staying in eco-friendly hotels and resorts.

Although the changes the tourism industry has made in response to the pandemic may not be completely implemented, some of the measures implemented in the past two years will still be applicable. Despite the pandemic, people still want to travel and enjoy life. The tourism industry is slowly recovering from the effects of the pandemic.