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Are you fond of traveling? If yes, you can concur with me that there are must-see destinations when you travel to specific destinations. In this context, we’ll look into the must-sees in Vancouver, and they include:

Going to Robson Square and Spending Some Time There

Robson Square has been making headlines for good reasons. There was a period when Tamara Bell, an artist from Vancouver, went ahead and placed at least 215 pairs of shoes on the steps of Robson Square, and they were meant for children. She did so to memorialize the indigenous children who had an unmarked grave in Kamloops, B.C., and it was recently discovered.

Such discoveries showcase the history of colonialism and the issues that revolve around residential schools. The steps at Robson Square used to lead to a courthouse. Currently, they have turned out into a place where people stand silently or even engage each other. It may not be a fun tourist destination. However, it’s among the important tourist destinations in Vancouver.

Visit the MOA (Museum of Anthropology)

The University of British Columbia hosts the museum of anthropology. It may seem like it’s far away; nonetheless, you won’t regret anything.

The museum has window walls, and you can get to watch the conservators at work. The artwork collection is also impressive. Have you ever seen a mammoth? Then you’ll get to see one at this museum. There are objects from different centuries at the museum. The museum also has artifacts that are from cultures that have already vanished.

There are also works done by some of the contemporary artists in the nation. You’ll also find objects from different centuries. Visiting the museum is more like walking through a library filled with people’s dreams.

Visit Chinatown

There is a neighborhood in Vancouver known as Chinatown. The town is densely curated and lovely. Also, it is indigenous-owned. You’ll enjoy a rare books collection and the gallery exhibition there.

You Should Get a Transit Card

The transit card is also called a compass card, which ensures you’ll spend less money while traveling around Vancouver. You’ll get it at some of the major transport hubs. You can also get it at the London Drug Store. After that, you can start taking trains and buses immediately. You’ll save a considerable sum of money as you get to see more of Vancouver. Also, you’ll save some time.

When in Vancouver, you now know which tourist destinations to start with. You’re bound to have an incredible experience when you travel to each of these destinations.